Session 1: An Uphill Battle

The Black Armored Onslaught

The party found themselves riding on a caravan en route to Utona, the capital of Eureris. There they hoped to meet their new employer, King Tarmikos, who sought their aid in his time of need. A preemptive strike by mysterious men fitted in black armor caught them off guard, and sent them on an alternative route through the hidden tunnels of the tundra.

After muscling through carefully placed guards which were there to stop them from proceeding on their desired path, the group found an altar room. The daring and dim-witted Hiltz accidently summoned a long gone guardian of Genitrix, which after her defeat gave them an odd key who’s glow differed in brilliance depending on where they were located in the tunnels. Later the party would find a secret chamber which would yield a hefty treasure weighed in gold.

Upon their exit they were once again stopped by the soldiers, this time their efforts and tactics differed greatly from before. Back on the hill and in the tunnels the guards simply sought to hold them off, where now their aim was simply to kill. Armed with illegal arm cannons which disobeyed the laws of Homines, the soldiers once again imposed an onslaught of bullets and blades against the heroes.

Undoubtedly they would succeed, and meet the King who notified them of his recent defeat. Tarmikos took his new allies and set out for a nearby stronghold where they could stay while they plan their actions which will recapture Utona once again. They find themselves once again on the move, this time towards Fort Restrepo….



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