Session 2: A Chilling Precipice

After the Order established themselves at Fort Restrepo, they sat before the King for their first meeting. Firstly the king introduced his son David, who quickly made an ass of himself. Lucias was quick to point this out, and was even quicker to begin bickering with David. After they settled down King Tarmikos outlined five tasks which were paramount in his mission to retake Utona.

After some deliberation of what route they were going to take, the Order decided to head to a nearby temple buried within a mountain and claim the Seal of Eureris. With this they could claim their validity as representatives of the king.

Upon arriving at their destination, the Order was ambushed by a group of Dirgus, a nomadic tribe that is feared for their brutality and resourcefulness. Our heroes soon learned a stunning woman named Scarlet Jax tricked the nomads into attacking the Order. She wouldn’t be that far off, and after charming some of the men of the party, went off in a mad dash for the object which both parties desired. When the group finally caught up to her Scarlet Jax wasn’t as charming as she once was. Frozen in a petrified state, Scarlet stared across two jagged cliffs, connected by a thin bridge that looked incredibly fragile. Falling would mean certain death.

In order to reach the seal that resided in the temple on the other side, they would have to get across the Seal Keeper. A large ice ridden monstrosity, it attacked the heroes with brute force as well as a small beam shot from a jewel encrusted in it’s forehead. After fending off the keeper and several angry ice vultures, the Order obtained the seal. With their victory (And some shiny hammers) the mighty Dirgus aligned themselves with King Tarmikos. Scarlet Jax was no where to be seen, but the group looked forward to their next task as they returned to Fort Restrepo.



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