Session 3: Against an Army

Upon their trek back from the Temple of the Seal the party braved harsh conditions, as Utona’s storm season began it’s endless onslaught on the land. In the distance the foggy silhouettes of figures could be seen coming closer and closer. Several of the party members considered moving out of their way to avoid conflict, while another questioned the integrity and honor in doing so.

As they bickered the figures imminently caught sight of them as well, and continued onwards until the two sides would meet. Laid out before their eyes was a small militia of Urthadane soldiers, dispatched to search for the group that was carrying the Seal of Utona. They requested the Order of the Good Goblet of Ice to drop their weapons, surrender the Seal, and accompany them back to Utona where Lord Urthadar sought to meet the newly found thorn in his side. After much deliberation it was seemingly more evident both sides would not budge, and the Urthadane commander screamed for their heads.

The soldiers looked at each other nervously. They didn’t want to harm these adventurers, but their wives and children’s lives depending on whether they raised their blades or not. The Order ripped through almost all of the innocent war prisoners, and overtook the commander. After the battle subsided a few men lay living, and the situation became a little more obvious.

Upon their return to Fort Restrepo there was a slight quarreling over the Seal of Utona, which Prince Nathaniel wanted for his own. When all was said and done, the Seal was kept in the hands of the Order. The prisoners were kept as guest of Lucias, who fed and clothed the people he considered his own. The Order decided to head for Xanicias under the guise of a departure for Agryron in hopes of shaking off the traitor who has obviously been making life cumbersome for them. Before leaving they outfit themselves, and prepare for the adventure that lies before them.



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