Session 4: Taking Arcitea

After some time spent traveling from Fort Restrepo towards Xanicias the Order of the Good Goblet of Ice encountered a lowly merchant, who professed of inhumanities taking place in the normally quiet village of Arcitea. The perpetrator was none other than those of the Urthadane military. Upon their arrival they found the streets barren, a curfew in place, and the monastery locked up in protest of the actions of late. In the inn Kori met with Ainy, the little girl who was running the inn by her own since her father and some men took arms against the militia.

A loud banging sounded against the door, it was the soldiers looking for the group of adventurers who killed a man who was on watch duty. Ainy and another young man told the Order of a secret passage that would lead to the Workman’s Guild, which the militia fashioned into a prison.

A clumsy attempt to escape out of the inn’s hidden exit from the wine cellar left a flaming wagon and many confused soldiers in the streets of Arcitea while the group escaped. When traveling through the hidden underground passage the Order encounter a monk of sorts and some archers who defended a large marble-clad room, with odd and mysterious images of people from a different time. After besting them in battle, the party walked into an old place of worship that belonged to no god they could speak of. At the end of the room was a shining object, but when approached a shadowy figure appeared before them, and locked Caeus out of the room while the group faced an unusual enemy that sought not to kill them but merely show them the errors of their ways….



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