Session 5: Argos the terrible, Argos the One-Eyed, Argos the Headless...

Awaking from an eery dream, the party feels a throbbing in the back of their head and a distant recollection of a battle with an insurmountable force. Upon standing they find themselves still in the underground chapel en route to the Workman’s Guild. The servant of Homines had been long gone, serving it’s purpose already. When the Order begins to collect themselves Diego, Hiltz, and Caeus find that Damon and Korione have yet to awake from their induced coma. With time an integral factor, they hid their allies behind the altar. Caeus identified the shining object at the altar was a clear glass rod, which flew to his hands as if calling for him.

Using the powerful magical energy from his new rod, Caeus enchanted a powerful seal at the chapel’s entrance, locking his allies safely inside. The remaining three went onwards into the passageways by climbing a long flight of stairs which lead to large wooden door. From behind it the bright lights and warmth of an inner holding escaped the cracks beneath the entrance. Diego led a brilliant assault on the door, and everything behind it for that matter. The room was another picture of magnificence, the floors and ceilings constructed of solid marble, while the walls now held several beautiful murals.

In the center of the room was a large replication of the Earth, floating and rotating slightly atop a 50 ft. pit (courtesy of the DM). Revolving around the Earth was two moons, both of which could hold a single creature in it’s path to the opposite end of the pit. Surely enough Diego D’la Montaigne valiantly hopped onto the lunar carrier first, and enjoyed the pleasant ride. As he reached the nearest wall a large wooden staff jutted from a secret panel in the mural, which nearly knocked him off. But surely enough if that didn’t do the trick two large centrifugal blades emenating from the core of the floating planet would do it, wouldn’t it? The clever dwarf took a throwing hammer and bravely jutted it into the blades path. It offered a moments reprieve in which he safely passed through the blades path, but his hammer and possibly a fingernail or two fell to the bottom of a pit when jarred from his grasp. A victorious Diego vaulted from the lunar carrier onto the opposite side of the room, overcoming the deathtraps that were laudable to a dwarf of his stature. Unfortunately he didn’t see the trip wire, or the pressure plate which set off the great bursts of fire from the ceiling above. Finally he turned and waived to Damon and Caeus, and they made their way over…

On the opposing side of the room was a statue and a door with a painting on it. In the painting a man holding a bolt of lightning was surrounded by people. Upon pulling the lever to the door a jolt of electricity ran through the three party members, and the mural changed ever so slightly and the man was now holding an orb of fire. Caeus took out his lockpick and attempted to open the door without triggering the trap, but failed and set the party ablaze in doing so. Finally the image turned from fire to that of a skull in the man’s hand. While pacing the room Caeus discovered a crease in one of the walls, and with the help of Hiltz’s masterful tact in opening things, pried the secret passage open. To their unfortunate delight, the passage was a dead end. Caeus thought it bright to use his mage hand to try to open the trapped door from afar now, which closed them off in the dead-end passage with sand filling the area. After slowing down the sand from completely filling the room they found the last hidden passage which opened up into the basement of the Workman’s Guild.

Their they met a man and his two stooges, behind bars of course. Percival and the Wedgeworth brothers was their name, and heroes they claimed to be. Percival vehemntly exclaimed his distaste for dwarves before escaping his cell and heading down the path which the Order came from. “Please enjoy Brutus’s lashings for us!” Brutus the Ruthless marched down the stairs, and argued his side of the story quite eloquently. If his prisoners weren’t here for their lashings, SOMEONE had to take them. To make a long story short, Brutus was the one lashed that night.

The Order finally made their way to the ground level of the Workman’s Guild, where they made their presence well known. A screaming guard set off Argos, the angry cyclops leader of the Urthadane militia stationed here. He wore several pieces of metal armory which gleamed with lights and switches. When he glared at the order a beam of light shot from his helmet-eye, setting off an explosion which tore through the walls of the Guild. Caeus set off another explosion of his own with a box of machinery he found, to fight fire with fire as they say. Diego dropped to one knee, giving Hiltz the will to fight with what he assumed to be his last breath (No surges and 1 HP left). With a defiant roar Hiltz slammed his axe into the head of Argos. He fell back, his armor screeching wildly with beebs and whistles. The helmet he wore began to overheat, before malfunctioning and exploding, leaving a dead headless cyclops on the floor of a battered and crumbling Guild’s hall.

After collecting themselves Caeus gathered some interesting documents Argos was keeping in his office, and the three of them returned to get Damon and Korione.

(Sorry if any typos, I sort of did this without proofreading and under time restraints)



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