Session 6: A Dark Overseer and the Lack of a Friend

The Order emerged from the depths of the tunnels of Arcitea victorious. For them awaited a small village in celebration, rejoicing in their freedom from Urthadane control. The cost for the venture would not be light. Korione and Damon lay unconscious in the wake of the battle against an eerie embodiment of a servant of Homines.

At the newly renamed “Order’s Inn” the party bumped into Scarlet Jaxx, who suggested that in Fairfox Hedge someone would be of interest to them in regards to their friend’s well being. Being that Fairfox Hedge was on the way to their destination of the capital of Xanicias, New Kroy, the party felt it was right to explore this dark overseer both Scarlet and Lucias have heard of.

Fairfox Hedge was a lovely village with odd qualities, the presence of tiny fox spirits being the most noticeable difference here. The group, now down to just Diego, Hiltz and Caeus, broke into a mausoleum of who they thought to be Elvros the Foretold’s tomb.

Inside the tomb they found a young girl, surrounded by several walking skeletons who appeared unhappy of her presence here. After making quick work of the skeletons, the girl introduced herself as Sihayya. Both her and the group appeared to have a common goal in mind, an audience with Elvros. Her intentions were less about speaking and more about exacting revenge on the parents whom she believed were slain by the wizard’s dark magic.

Elvros thought their presence amusing to say the least. Whether it was for sport or not is unknown, but it seemed like Elvros took great delight in showing Diego disturbing images of his grandfather’s death. One thing Elvros did make clear was that it was not he, nor Genetrix, not even Homines who had taken their friends. Who it was he could not say. They weren’t getting very far, so the Order attempted to destroy the Overseer and preventing him from taking the souls of any others. As the last blow was delivered Elvros vanished, a cackling laugh being heard as the dungeon went pitch black. During this brief moment of blackness Sihayya was bit, by what she does not know.

The Order decided it best to leave the crypt and head to the Cherub Collie Inn to rest for the night.



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