Session 8 Notes

Session 8 Notes

Sihayya’s Illness:
Gain Dark Vision
At the beginning of each encounter Sihayya is dazed. This effect only lasts until the end of her first turn.
Savings Roll (-2), or a Heal (DC 18).
Savings roll (-2), or a Heal (DC 20)

Sihayya’s Illness:
Sihayya becomes blind, and has dark vision of 5. Sihayya gains a +2 to perception checks to find an enemy or any perception check not related to sight.


New Kroy Locations:

1. The Grey Shield (Kroy’s Private Constabulary)
2. The Pewter Towers
3. Hobart Hall
4. Auction Square
5. The Arena
6. Silvas District
7. Zualock District
8. Humphray District
9. Mercher’s Alley
1. The Grey Shield is located in a large hexagonal shaped building, with large stone walls and pyramid roof that points to the sky. At the top of the pyramid is a brilliant sphere of light, that spins and acts like a lighthouse or spotlight when needed to illuminate specific parts of the city. At the door is two rigged guards, staring blankly ahead of them as if nothing besides their post were to matter. When the party approaches they cross their spears.

The Grey Shield does not greet them happily, and warn them that despite their political amnesty, they are not welcome around here.

2. The Pewter Towers are beautiful buildings. The towers are closed, but it would be possible for the party to find their way in if they needed to reach the top to see the view of the lands.

3. Hobart hall is a large building, shaped much like the Taj Mahal. This is where the political system of New Kroy functions out of. The Order is not allowed access though.

4. Auction Square: Gilgamesh Ra’tapah, Gith uprising.

Session 8 Notes

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