The Order of the Good Goblet of Ice

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Hailing from separate regions of the Western Continent, a group of travelers emerges in New Earth’s darkest hour. The King of Eureris hires a group of men and women to aid him where his own men failed, as he seeks to regain his Kingdom which he abandoned in hopes of returning one day. The Order of the Good Goblet of Ice thus came into existence.

Story Rewards:
*The Order obtained the Seal of Eureris and is now officially recognized as employees of King Tarmikos
*The Order made an ally of the Dirgen people, and utilize their strengths in their time of need.


An inquisitor from the ecclesiarchy of Agryon. Caeus’s first duty is to the Order of the Good Goblet of Ice. His secondary job while working at Fort Restrepo is to organize the search for technological heresy that has plagued the recent events.

Caeus’s Equipment


A proud and powerful swordsman, his main and sole duty is to serve as the leader of the Order of the Good Goblet of Ice.

Damon’s Equipment

h2. Diego

A fierce ally to have when you gain his trust. Due to his pedigree the King has asked Diego to serve as the Order’s diplomat.

Diego’s Equipment

h2. Hiltz

A dominant warrior who was hand picked by the king for his brute strength. His secondary job is to shine the weapons at the armory.

Hiltz’s Equipment

h2. Korione

A powerful genasi sorceress, and devout follower of Ioun, the King has asked Korione to be his book keeper in this crucial point in Eureris’s history. She is asked to keep detailed records of the Order’s ventures.

Korione’s Equipment

The Order of the Good Goblet of Ice

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