The Rules of New Earth

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The rules for character creation are:

All magical classes are allowed with the exception of:

-Monster Manual classes
-Tiefling (For story reasons, unless you would be able to convince many of NPCs that your are not evil)
-And for the sake of this campaign Warforged is not considered a magical class, so they are not allowed either

ALL characters must be neutral or some form of good. I’m not forcing people to WANT to take part in my story arch, so neutral is fine. But what I do demand is that you are not evil, for that will completely destroy the premise of this Campaign.

ALL classes are fair game. Warlocks can be cursed but may not act maliciously due to their curse, an tinkering Artificer’s gadgets will be considered/reflavored as magical items for the sake of this campaign.

The Rules of New Earth

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