The Stone Tablet of Reading

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A tablet-sized magical stone which can conveniently fit in the backpack of any adventurer. When arcane energy is channeled through the rock a message appears, emanating softly lit letters that tell the hero where he may head next.

Stone 10

Main Tasks:

Retaking Utona (DM)

  • Obtain The Seal of Eureris. [CHECK]
  • Seek aid from the neighboring nations of Agryron, Escadium, Xanicias, and Ursabica.
  • Obtain King’s parcel from Norril the Rich (location unknown).
  • Find and destroy the deceptive ties Urthadar holds within the walls of Eureris.
  • Find the supplier of technological weapons that Urthadar has been implementing against the party.

Other Tasks:

  • Something Involving (Diego D’La Montaigne, Son of herve Brekstone-D’La Montaigne, Son of Traigo D’La Montaigne heir to the Ironspine future and warden of the Sarphil Vault bedding) Scarlet Jax
  • Free Arcitea from Urthadar’s soldiers (raiding the prison)
  • Find out more about Gaava the Corrupt, who has been mysteriously connected to Urthadane shipments of illegal weaponry DM

The Stone Tablet of Reading

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