Session 6: A Dark Overseer and the Lack of a Friend

The Order emerged from the depths of the tunnels of Arcitea victorious. For them awaited a small village in celebration, rejoicing in their freedom from Urthadane control. The cost for the venture would not be light. Korione and Damon lay unconscious in the wake of the battle against an eerie embodiment of a servant of Homines.

At the newly renamed “Order’s Inn” the party bumped into Scarlet Jaxx, who suggested that in Fairfox Hedge someone would be of interest to them in regards to their friend’s well being. Being that Fairfox Hedge was on the way to their destination of the capital of Xanicias, New Kroy, the party felt it was right to explore this dark overseer both Scarlet and Lucias have heard of.

Fairfox Hedge was a lovely village with odd qualities, the presence of tiny fox spirits being the most noticeable difference here. The group, now down to just Diego, Hiltz and Caeus, broke into a mausoleum of who they thought to be Elvros the Foretold’s tomb.

Inside the tomb they found a young girl, surrounded by several walking skeletons who appeared unhappy of her presence here. After making quick work of the skeletons, the girl introduced herself as Sihayya. Both her and the group appeared to have a common goal in mind, an audience with Elvros. Her intentions were less about speaking and more about exacting revenge on the parents whom she believed were slain by the wizard’s dark magic.

Elvros thought their presence amusing to say the least. Whether it was for sport or not is unknown, but it seemed like Elvros took great delight in showing Diego disturbing images of his grandfather’s death. One thing Elvros did make clear was that it was not he, nor Genetrix, not even Homines who had taken their friends. Who it was he could not say. They weren’t getting very far, so the Order attempted to destroy the Overseer and preventing him from taking the souls of any others. As the last blow was delivered Elvros vanished, a cackling laugh being heard as the dungeon went pitch black. During this brief moment of blackness Sihayya was bit, by what she does not know.

The Order decided it best to leave the crypt and head to the Cherub Collie Inn to rest for the night.

Session 5: Argos the terrible, Argos the One-Eyed, Argos the Headless...

Awaking from an eery dream, the party feels a throbbing in the back of their head and a distant recollection of a battle with an insurmountable force. Upon standing they find themselves still in the underground chapel en route to the Workman’s Guild. The servant of Homines had been long gone, serving it’s purpose already. When the Order begins to collect themselves Diego, Hiltz, and Caeus find that Damon and Korione have yet to awake from their induced coma. With time an integral factor, they hid their allies behind the altar. Caeus identified the shining object at the altar was a clear glass rod, which flew to his hands as if calling for him.

Using the powerful magical energy from his new rod, Caeus enchanted a powerful seal at the chapel’s entrance, locking his allies safely inside. The remaining three went onwards into the passageways by climbing a long flight of stairs which lead to large wooden door. From behind it the bright lights and warmth of an inner holding escaped the cracks beneath the entrance. Diego led a brilliant assault on the door, and everything behind it for that matter. The room was another picture of magnificence, the floors and ceilings constructed of solid marble, while the walls now held several beautiful murals.

In the center of the room was a large replication of the Earth, floating and rotating slightly atop a 50 ft. pit (courtesy of the DM). Revolving around the Earth was two moons, both of which could hold a single creature in it’s path to the opposite end of the pit. Surely enough Diego D’la Montaigne valiantly hopped onto the lunar carrier first, and enjoyed the pleasant ride. As he reached the nearest wall a large wooden staff jutted from a secret panel in the mural, which nearly knocked him off. But surely enough if that didn’t do the trick two large centrifugal blades emenating from the core of the floating planet would do it, wouldn’t it? The clever dwarf took a throwing hammer and bravely jutted it into the blades path. It offered a moments reprieve in which he safely passed through the blades path, but his hammer and possibly a fingernail or two fell to the bottom of a pit when jarred from his grasp. A victorious Diego vaulted from the lunar carrier onto the opposite side of the room, overcoming the deathtraps that were laudable to a dwarf of his stature. Unfortunately he didn’t see the trip wire, or the pressure plate which set off the great bursts of fire from the ceiling above. Finally he turned and waived to Damon and Caeus, and they made their way over…

On the opposing side of the room was a statue and a door with a painting on it. In the painting a man holding a bolt of lightning was surrounded by people. Upon pulling the lever to the door a jolt of electricity ran through the three party members, and the mural changed ever so slightly and the man was now holding an orb of fire. Caeus took out his lockpick and attempted to open the door without triggering the trap, but failed and set the party ablaze in doing so. Finally the image turned from fire to that of a skull in the man’s hand. While pacing the room Caeus discovered a crease in one of the walls, and with the help of Hiltz’s masterful tact in opening things, pried the secret passage open. To their unfortunate delight, the passage was a dead end. Caeus thought it bright to use his mage hand to try to open the trapped door from afar now, which closed them off in the dead-end passage with sand filling the area. After slowing down the sand from completely filling the room they found the last hidden passage which opened up into the basement of the Workman’s Guild.

Their they met a man and his two stooges, behind bars of course. Percival and the Wedgeworth brothers was their name, and heroes they claimed to be. Percival vehemntly exclaimed his distaste for dwarves before escaping his cell and heading down the path which the Order came from. “Please enjoy Brutus’s lashings for us!” Brutus the Ruthless marched down the stairs, and argued his side of the story quite eloquently. If his prisoners weren’t here for their lashings, SOMEONE had to take them. To make a long story short, Brutus was the one lashed that night.

The Order finally made their way to the ground level of the Workman’s Guild, where they made their presence well known. A screaming guard set off Argos, the angry cyclops leader of the Urthadane militia stationed here. He wore several pieces of metal armory which gleamed with lights and switches. When he glared at the order a beam of light shot from his helmet-eye, setting off an explosion which tore through the walls of the Guild. Caeus set off another explosion of his own with a box of machinery he found, to fight fire with fire as they say. Diego dropped to one knee, giving Hiltz the will to fight with what he assumed to be his last breath (No surges and 1 HP left). With a defiant roar Hiltz slammed his axe into the head of Argos. He fell back, his armor screeching wildly with beebs and whistles. The helmet he wore began to overheat, before malfunctioning and exploding, leaving a dead headless cyclops on the floor of a battered and crumbling Guild’s hall.

After collecting themselves Caeus gathered some interesting documents Argos was keeping in his office, and the three of them returned to get Damon and Korione.

(Sorry if any typos, I sort of did this without proofreading and under time restraints)

Session 4: Taking Arcitea

After some time spent traveling from Fort Restrepo towards Xanicias the Order of the Good Goblet of Ice encountered a lowly merchant, who professed of inhumanities taking place in the normally quiet village of Arcitea. The perpetrator was none other than those of the Urthadane military. Upon their arrival they found the streets barren, a curfew in place, and the monastery locked up in protest of the actions of late. In the inn Kori met with Ainy, the little girl who was running the inn by her own since her father and some men took arms against the militia.

A loud banging sounded against the door, it was the soldiers looking for the group of adventurers who killed a man who was on watch duty. Ainy and another young man told the Order of a secret passage that would lead to the Workman’s Guild, which the militia fashioned into a prison.

A clumsy attempt to escape out of the inn’s hidden exit from the wine cellar left a flaming wagon and many confused soldiers in the streets of Arcitea while the group escaped. When traveling through the hidden underground passage the Order encounter a monk of sorts and some archers who defended a large marble-clad room, with odd and mysterious images of people from a different time. After besting them in battle, the party walked into an old place of worship that belonged to no god they could speak of. At the end of the room was a shining object, but when approached a shadowy figure appeared before them, and locked Caeus out of the room while the group faced an unusual enemy that sought not to kill them but merely show them the errors of their ways….

Session 3: Against an Army

Upon their trek back from the Temple of the Seal the party braved harsh conditions, as Utona’s storm season began it’s endless onslaught on the land. In the distance the foggy silhouettes of figures could be seen coming closer and closer. Several of the party members considered moving out of their way to avoid conflict, while another questioned the integrity and honor in doing so.

As they bickered the figures imminently caught sight of them as well, and continued onwards until the two sides would meet. Laid out before their eyes was a small militia of Urthadane soldiers, dispatched to search for the group that was carrying the Seal of Utona. They requested the Order of the Good Goblet of Ice to drop their weapons, surrender the Seal, and accompany them back to Utona where Lord Urthadar sought to meet the newly found thorn in his side. After much deliberation it was seemingly more evident both sides would not budge, and the Urthadane commander screamed for their heads.

The soldiers looked at each other nervously. They didn’t want to harm these adventurers, but their wives and children’s lives depending on whether they raised their blades or not. The Order ripped through almost all of the innocent war prisoners, and overtook the commander. After the battle subsided a few men lay living, and the situation became a little more obvious.

Upon their return to Fort Restrepo there was a slight quarreling over the Seal of Utona, which Prince Nathaniel wanted for his own. When all was said and done, the Seal was kept in the hands of the Order. The prisoners were kept as guest of Lucias, who fed and clothed the people he considered his own. The Order decided to head for Xanicias under the guise of a departure for Agryron in hopes of shaking off the traitor who has obviously been making life cumbersome for them. Before leaving they outfit themselves, and prepare for the adventure that lies before them.

Session 2: A Chilling Precipice

After the Order established themselves at Fort Restrepo, they sat before the King for their first meeting. Firstly the king introduced his son David, who quickly made an ass of himself. Lucias was quick to point this out, and was even quicker to begin bickering with David. After they settled down King Tarmikos outlined five tasks which were paramount in his mission to retake Utona.

After some deliberation of what route they were going to take, the Order decided to head to a nearby temple buried within a mountain and claim the Seal of Eureris. With this they could claim their validity as representatives of the king.

Upon arriving at their destination, the Order was ambushed by a group of Dirgus, a nomadic tribe that is feared for their brutality and resourcefulness. Our heroes soon learned a stunning woman named Scarlet Jax tricked the nomads into attacking the Order. She wouldn’t be that far off, and after charming some of the men of the party, went off in a mad dash for the object which both parties desired. When the group finally caught up to her Scarlet Jax wasn’t as charming as she once was. Frozen in a petrified state, Scarlet stared across two jagged cliffs, connected by a thin bridge that looked incredibly fragile. Falling would mean certain death.

In order to reach the seal that resided in the temple on the other side, they would have to get across the Seal Keeper. A large ice ridden monstrosity, it attacked the heroes with brute force as well as a small beam shot from a jewel encrusted in it’s forehead. After fending off the keeper and several angry ice vultures, the Order obtained the seal. With their victory (And some shiny hammers) the mighty Dirgus aligned themselves with King Tarmikos. Scarlet Jax was no where to be seen, but the group looked forward to their next task as they returned to Fort Restrepo.

Session 1: An Uphill Battle
The Black Armored Onslaught

The party found themselves riding on a caravan en route to Utona, the capital of Eureris. There they hoped to meet their new employer, King Tarmikos, who sought their aid in his time of need. A preemptive strike by mysterious men fitted in black armor caught them off guard, and sent them on an alternative route through the hidden tunnels of the tundra.

After muscling through carefully placed guards which were there to stop them from proceeding on their desired path, the group found an altar room. The daring and dim-witted Hiltz accidently summoned a long gone guardian of Genitrix, which after her defeat gave them an odd key who’s glow differed in brilliance depending on where they were located in the tunnels. Later the party would find a secret chamber which would yield a hefty treasure weighed in gold.

Upon their exit they were once again stopped by the soldiers, this time their efforts and tactics differed greatly from before. Back on the hill and in the tunnels the guards simply sought to hold them off, where now their aim was simply to kill. Armed with illegal arm cannons which disobeyed the laws of Homines, the soldiers once again imposed an onslaught of bullets and blades against the heroes.

Undoubtedly they would succeed, and meet the King who notified them of his recent defeat. Tarmikos took his new allies and set out for a nearby stronghold where they could stay while they plan their actions which will recapture Utona once again. They find themselves once again on the move, this time towards Fort Restrepo….


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