Nathaniel Eurich Tarmikos

The King of Eureris, who has fled his homeland in hopes of one day returning and reclaiming his throne.


King Nathaniel Eurich Tarmikos was born a noble breed, and one of two sons to the incumbent King Eurich Naram Tarmikos. Living in a nation that prized the virtues instilled in the purity and sanctity of magic, Nathaniel began training at an early age in the arts of Wizardry. An arcane prodigy, Nathaniel was chosen over his “gift-less” brother who was not capable of the same magical feats he was able to do.

Upon his brother’s exile and the death of his parents he was known as the last and only Tarmikos, and ever since almost all referred to him simply as King Tarmikos. Well known for his stern stance on technological abominations that go against the laws of Homines as well as his docility and peaceful demeanor as a representative of his people, Tarmikos has enjoyed a king-dom that has been long and with little difficulty.

All of this of course has changed with the recent shortcomings which have thrown him from his throne in what he believes is a plot by his brother, the boy whom once held the name Tarmikos yet is now revered as the megalomaniac ruler named Lord Urthadar. Urthadar planted rebellion within Utona’s walls, and undercover espionage has been the downfall of the king.

Now the King grieves each day, yearning to free his people whom he abandoned. He recently hired a multi-talented group to run his Kingship away from the capital’s walls, as well as help him gain a foothold in the imminent war.

Nathaniel Eurich Tarmikos

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