Percival Stormraught

A young hero hailing from Xanicias


Since a young age Percival was swayed from thoughts of the wondrous and fanatical. The realm of magic, monsters, and adventuring were all but locked away from this young noble’s mind. At the young age of 16, the curious and brave human set out from his hometown of Dommershammer to revel in the sights that the world outside of Xanicias has to offer. Nothing was left but a note and a lock of his blond hair, the message reading, “A thread to remember me by, for my life will surely end as a heroic one.”

Dommershammer quickly went into uproar, with Percival being their representative in the House of Pledged to New Kroy. Percival would see none of this, though. By the time his family and friends notices his disappearance, Percival had already slayed his first night’s meal.

Percival Stormraught

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